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Autobiographical Works

A collection of books containing reminiscences and recollections wherein Bloom, being of a generation that was to witness two world wars, recalled in print her life and career experiences in the early to mid Twentieth Century.

The Log of a Naval Officer's Wife
Published by Hurst & Blackett, 1932
Reminiscences of the author's experiences as the wife of a Royal Navy man.

Mistress of None
Published by Hutchinson, 1933

holidaymood.jpg (240105 bytes)
Holiday Mood
Published by Hutchinson, 1934
The author's account of various holidays she has enjoyed over the years.

acadsguidetocruising.jpg (279155 bytes)
A Cad's Guide to Cruising
Published by Rich & Cowan, 1938
Humorous recollections of Bloom's trips on cruise ships around Europe.

Without Make-Up
Published by Michael Joseph, 1938

Letters To My Son
Published by Cassell, 1939
A collection of personal letters the author wrote to her son while he was still an infant and when Bloom was living in Frinton-on-Sea as a young widow.

thelogofnoladyursulabloom.jpg (65838 bytes)
The Log of No Lady
Published by Chapman & Hall, 1940
In this book Bloom relates her experiences of being evacuated from London before war broke out.

No Lady Meets No Gentleman
Published By Sampson Low, 1940
A volume in which Bloom talks about life with her husband, the naval officer Charles Gower Robinson.

timetideandi.jpg (217926 bytes)
Time, Tide and I
Published by Chapman & Hall, 1942

No Lady Buys a Cot
Published by Chapman & Hall, 1943

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No Lady in Bed
Published by Chapman & Hall, 1944
A chronicle of Bloom's attempts to find a doctor able to cure her migraines.

thechangedvillage.jpg (460569 bytes)
The Changed Village
Published by Chapman & Hall, 1945
A memoir of how things have changed over the years in the Shropshire village of Whitchurch.

noladywithapen.jpg (462539 bytes)
No Lady With a Pen
Published by Chapman & Hall, 1947

noladyinthecart.jpg (39582 bytes)
No Lady in the Cart
Published by Convoy Publications, 1949
A light hearted account of Bloom's aspirations to become a car driver.

mumsgirlwasnolady.jpg (413428 bytes)
Mum's Girl Was No Lady
Published by Convoy Publications, 1951

trilogy.jpg (13674 bytes)
Published by Hutchinson, 1954

noladyhasadogsday.jpg (8165 bytes)
No Lady Has a Dog's Day
Published by Hutchinson, 1956
Recollections and anecdotes concerning Bloom's love of dogs and her experience of keeping them as pets.

downtotheseainships.jpg (19071 bytes)
Down to the Sea in Ships
Published by Hutchinson, 1958
Another memoir of Bloom's time as a naval officer's wife travelling the sea from port to port.

youthatthegate.JPG (15014 bytes)
Youth at the Gate
Published by Hutchinson, 1959
A memoir of Ursula Bloom's life when she was living on the Essex coastline during the First World War.

warisntwonderfulbloom.jpg (66528 bytes)
War Isn't Wonderful
Published by Hutchinson, 1961
A very honest account of the author's experiences during the Second World War, including a vivid recollection of what happened when a German bomb landed on her flat in Chelsea.

themightiersword.jpg (20644 bytes)
The Mightier Sword
Published by Robert Hale, 1966
A book in which Bloom recollects various episodes in her long writing career, both as a novelist and Fleet Street journalist.

rosemaryforstratfordonavon.jpg (12309 bytes)
Rosemary for Stratford-on-Avon
Published by Robert Hale, 1966
The author's recollections of Stratford-on-Avon as it was in the first decade of the Twentieth Century. The cover image above is taken from the 1983 Chivers Press edition.

aroofandfourwalls.jpg (424009 bytes)
A Roof and Four Walls
Published by Hutchinson, 1967

rosemaryforfrinton.jpg (31803 bytes)
Rosemary for Frinton
Published by Robert Hale, 1970
A book of reminiscences by Bloom about the years she spent living in the Essex coastal town of Frinton.

rosemaryforchelsea.jpg (40395 bytes)
Rosemary for Chelsea
Published by Robert Hale, 1971

requestingthepleasure.jpg (152246 bytes)
Requesting the Pleasure
Published by Robert Hale, 1973
A book in which the author shares some amusing anecdotes about parties and social gatherings she has attended.

lifeisnofairytale.jpg (41684 bytes)
Life Is No Fairy Tale
Published by Robert Hale, 1976



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