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Nonfiction Books

Listed here are those miscellaneous nonfiction titles by Bloom that are not autobiographies or biographies.

alampinthedarkness.jpg (271994 bytes)
A Lamp in the Darkness
Published by Hutchinson, 1930.
A collection of essays on religion. The cover image above is taken from the 1978 Corwin Books edition, published in the U.S.A.

theabcofauthorship.jpg (36008 bytes)
The ABC of Authorship
Published by Blackie & Son, 1938
A practical guide for budding writers.

The Housewife's Beauty Book
Published by Robert Hale, 1941

Wartime Beauty
Published by Tod Publishing, 1943
A 16-page pamphlet produced under the publisher's Bantam Books imprint as part of their patriotic "Home Front" series.

meafterthewar.JPG (139815 bytes)
Me—After the War: A Book for Girls Considering the Future
Published by John Gifford, 1944
An advice book on employment opportunities for women.

rudeforefathers.JPG (70505 bytes)
Rude Forefathers
Published by Macdonald & Co., 1945
A portrayal of the middle classes at home in the Victorian and Edwardian periods, with personal reminiscences by the author.

questionsansweredaboutknitting.jpg (342458 bytes)
Questions Answered About Knitting
Published by Jordan & Sons, 1945

agardenformychild.jpg (11971 bytes)
A Garden for my Child
Published by John Gifford, 1946
A guide to making your garden a fun place for children to enjoy.

ursulascookbook.jpg (399704 bytes)
Ursula's Cook Book
Published by John Gifford, 1946

questionsansweredaboutbeauty.jpg (661136 bytes)
Questions Answered About Beauty
Published by Jordan & Sons, 1946

youandyourholiday.jpg (771823 bytes)
You and Your Holiday
Published by John Gifford, 1946

You and Your Child
Published by John Gifford, 1946

You and Your Dog
Published by John Gifford, 1949

youandyourhome.jpg (15910 bytes)
You and Your Home
Published by John Gifford, 1949

youandyourlooks.jpg (355737 bytes)
You and Your Looks
Published by John Gifford, 1949

Published by W. & G. Foyle, 1949
This volume was published as part of the "Foyles Handbooks" series.

youandyourlife.jpg (31779 bytes)
You and Your Life
Published by John Gifford, 1950

youandyourfun.JPG (130525 bytes)
You and Your Fun
Published by John Gifford, 1950

youandyourneedle.jpg (36548 bytes)
You and Your Needle
Published by John Gifford, 1950

New World Round the Corner
Published by The British Rubber Development Board, 1951
An illustrated 28-page volume on "new uses for rubber products". I have no idea how Bloom got involved in this project!

womansannual1951.jpg (12657 bytes)
Woman's Annual: 1951
Published by Paul Elek Publishers Ltd, 1951
This edition was edited by Ursula Bloom.

forthebride.jpg (11508 bytes)
For the Bride
Published by Museum Press, 1952

popularhobbies.jpg (27099 bytes)
The Girls' Book of Popular Hobbies
Published by Burke Publishing, 1954
This book was edited by Ursula Bloom.

theelegantedwardian.jpg (57313 bytes)
The Elegant Edwardian
Published by Hutchinson, 1957
A social history of Edwardian times, as seen from the perspective of Whitchurch, a village in Warwickshire. There are several mentions of the author's clergyman father, James Harvey Bloom, and childhood reminiscences by Ursula Bloom herself, but this book of memoirs is listed on this page as it is neither a straightforward autobiographical work nor is it a biography.

wantingtowrite.jpg (17635 bytes)
Wanting to Write
Published by Stanley Paul, 1958
A guidebook for would-be writers.

theinspiredneedle.jpg (265910 bytes)
The Inspired Needle
Published by Hurst & Blackett, 1959
Bloom was interested in embroidery and an exhibition of her work was once held in London. This book contains ideas for unusual needlework designs and some autobiographical reminiscences.

sixtyyearsofhome.JPG (58143 bytes)
Sixty Years of Home
Published by Hurst & Blackett, 1960
In this partly autobiographical volume Bloom describes and reflects upon her home life (and that of others) and how domestic settings and customs have changed since 1900.

mrsbunthorpesrespects.jpg (43190 bytes)
Mrs. Bunthorpe's Respects
Published by Hutchinson, 1963
Subtitled "A Chronicle of Cooks", this book is a semi-autobiographical account of the various household servants that were in the author's employ after she first got married in 1916.



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